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The Self-Help and Advisory Association for Senior Citizens




         brings together retired people who are characterized by positive attitudes and who go by the principles that being active you value your life, by helping others you help yourself. The Centre was established by the Estonian Charity Foundation in October 1995. Since February 1996 it has been functioning in the beautifully renovated building at 15 Poska Street. The Centre is the result of cooperation between senior citizens in Estonia an Germany. It follows the example of a day-care centre in Berlin and is the first of his kind set up outside of Germany. All the activities are based on voluntary work. This also applies to the variuos teams that run the cafe, dining room, reception, gardening etc. About forty interest groups are instructed by qualified people free of charge. There are French, German, English and Finnish groups, as well as gymnastics, handicraft, singing, water color, literature, cooking, chess, etc groups in the house. Every week offers a wide choice of lectures, meetings and festivities to please all tastes. In summer popular garden parties are held in the open air. There is a doctor, a psychologist and a laywer at the disposal of the members of the Centre, ready to give advice whenever the need arises. During the past years there have been about 50 people who try to support senior citizens who have remained alone in their homes and in Homes for the Elderly. Special attention is paid to the members of the Centre.

There are nearly 500 members in the Centre. About a hundred people visit the house every day. The Board of Directors consists of eight people who coordinate the work of the Centre. The Centre is open onweekdays (State holidays included) from 10:00 to 18:00. Near the Centre there is a cosy guesthouse called Poska Villa. In the Self-Help and Advisory Centre the joy of giving and receiving enthusiasm for activities and lust for life are all combined.

Welcome to the youthful club of Senior Citizens.

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